No Tricks, Just Treats This Halloween at Guilford

October 31 is fast approaching. While you are planning your costume and making social plans for All Hallow’s Eve, be sure to leave some room in your schedule for the 5th Alumni Art Exchange.

artDon’t worry, the art-related festivities will be over before dark. The impact, however, will be sure to stick with you throughout the weekend and beyond.

The exchange will include the appearance of Charlotte Fitz Daniels ’91, Molly Sawyer ’95, Aliene Howell ’04, Matt Shelton ’04, Jessica Brooke Anderson ’07, Julia Hood ’06, Gracelee Lawrence ’11, Jack Arthur Wood ’12, and possibly others.

It’s not just your typical meet and greet- be prepared for hands-on activities and direct engagement with these inspiring folks.

Here’s a run-down of Friday’s schedule:

  • A collaborative art making project will be held bright and early, from 9am to 12pm in the second floor of Hege-Cox. (Special surprise: the final product will be displayed sometime later in the day!)
  • Next up, senior thesis students can head to Hildebrandt House for a studio visit/critique with participating alums
  • You definitely won’t want to miss an alumni Q&A from 2-3:20pm in the print studio of Hege-Cox- some topics covered will be applying to grad school, finding an art-related career, maintaining your work/life balance, etc.
  • Drop in to the library from 4-5pm to hear alumni artists talking about their work
  • A reception in the main gallery will follow, snacks included! If you wander outside to the lawn, you can find live jazz and maybe free wine! (For those of age, of course.)

If you can muster up the energy Saturday morning, there is much more fun to be had. For four whole hours starting at 12pm, Ailene Howell ’04 and Julia Hood ’06 will be leading demonstrations on printing. You can even make your own to take home with you.

I strongly urge you to attend a portion of the festivities if you cannot be there for all. There is something to be learned from every opportunity being offered next weekend- especially if you are an art major.

The exchange will provide you with a network of resources as well as a newfound support system. Moving through the world as an art major can be tough and scary.

Others may question your decision. You may question yourself. For these reasons and more, witnessing and speaking to others who have been in your position can be very helpful.

These alums were once where you are now. Today they are all thriving as practicing artists. If that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the art exchange, a week from tomorrow!

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