New Pop-Up Art Gallery Comes to Greensboro

The thought of what the future holds is daunting for just about any college student. It doesn’t help that adults and peers alike feel it’s appropriate to pepper undergraduates with questions about their studies and how they plan to utilize them. There are a variety of paths that art students can follow post graduation- and perhaps before- but the common goal seems to be sharing one’s work for others to appreciate.

Just a few of the pieces Jeff had on display.

This is exactly what Jeff Beck was able to do this past First Friday at his pop-up art show titled “The Warehouse Diaries“. The makeshift gallery was inside of a revamped warehouse with the bay door rolled up, hence the name. The warehouse, located at 611 S. Elm Street, is owned by Kelly of Thousands O’ Prints. She plans to open up the space in the future for more artists to come and display their

The cool thing about this event is that it shows how easy it is to get your work out there and into the community. The prospect of getting accepted to a formal gallery is intimidating, to say the least. Pop-up galleries are a great way to get your feet wet without all the pressure of something larger. Hopefully, Beck’s exhibit proves that gaining publicity is more feasible than you may think.

Hey, maybe you can even use the warehouse for a future show of your own!

Kanye, anyone?

Not only did Beck have his completed art filling every available inch of the small space, but he also did some live painting at the event. He even provided free wine and beer for attendees. It was a fun event for all, and one that I hope will continue on in the future. It’s up to people like you to express interest and make it happen.

You can find Beck’s work at Menace Inc. Studios, a gallery/designer toy shop on Elam Avenue.

If you’re interested in using the venue for your own endeavor, you can contact Thousands O’ Prints at 336-275-8014.

The world of professional art promotion is within your reach! It is opportunities like this that make it so. Remember that as you proceed with your studies and creative projects.

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