PITH | 2015 Online!

Hello there! Long time, no posts!
It’s been quite a bit of a break between posts on here, and you certainly haven’t heard from me in a while, but I write to you now to offer you the chance to check out the 2015 Senior Thesis show, PITH, without even leaving your home. You don’t even have to be wearing pants, but that’s your decision, ultimately.  Go get yourself some refreshing snacks, perhaps a beverage, and allow me to guide you through “PITH Online”, a conglomerate of Hand/Eye and the artist’s e-portfolios – I hope you enjoy your browse!


pith (n) – the essence of something

It was a wondrous opening night, with the upstairs galleries and atrium of Founders Hall jam-packed with community members who came out to support our senior thesis students. The attendees were as diverse as the artwork: Familiar and unfamiliar faces converged to create an absolute sea of people. The atrium is the space the stairs lead you into, so you are greeted first by Samantha Saatzer‘s paintings and Samantha Metzner‘s photography.

Saatzer’s thesis work is a “series of portraits that embody a silent dialogue of human emotion and expression influenced by her personal connection to the people she paints.”

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Metzner’s work “expands on a combination of contemporary identity theories, personal encounters with intimacy, and a rich history of alternative photographic processes.”

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After perusing around the atrium, you end up back at the staircase. Let’s hang a right into our one of the two galleries. Here, you’ll find Eleanora Keene and Gloria Taylor-Williams‘ paintings.

Keene “draws from life experiences and travels to create vivid landscapes that reflect her personal connection with the natural world.”

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Taylor-Williams’ work is comprised of “portraits and stories about [her] family and friends,” seeking a deeper connection with her subjects – “Their faces carry the key to their secrets.”

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Now, you exit this gallery and cross the atrium once more in order enter the second gallery. You open the door to see the works of Isabel Ramirez, Margaret Flath, and Raina Martens.

Ramirez’s mixed media works involve found object assemblage. “Her thesis reveals an array of unexpected, sculptural relationships between the preserved and manipulated elements of decay. She incorporates a collection of structures that illuminate the surreal dynamics of mental illness.”

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Flath’s body of thesis work is “comprised of a variety of functional forms meant for daily use—mugs, jars, and jugs. She loves the process of wood firing, communicating her passion through her crosshatched pieces.”

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Martens’ work “uses glaze chemistry and functional ceramic forms to transform coal ash collected from the Dan River in Eden, NC. Martens explores material and corporeal realities of contemporary life by facilitating aesthetic and intimate encounters with this toxic material.”

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You’ve now experienced the pith of PITH|2015! To view more of the senior thesis work and read the artists’ full statements and biographies, simply log onto Digication with your credentials and click these links:

Samantha Saatzer
Samantha Metzner
Eleanora Keene
Gloria Taylor-Williams
Isabel Ramirez
Margaret Flath
Raina Martens

To those of you who asked for this online showcase of the exhibit, thank you for your interest in seeing Guilford students’ artwork even though you are too far away to visit. You are still a vital part of our community, and hopefully this has at least somewhat made up for not being able to see the show in person! Please feel free to generate discussion regarding the work and congratulate the artists on their dedication and work in the comments below!

Have a magical summer, Guilfordians, and congratulations to the class of 2015!


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