“All You Knit is Love”

Knitting needles tirelessly click away to the beat of energetic bluegrass ensemble, Zinc Kings. A slew of knitters, old and young, knit and purl merrily to the upbeat twang of the fiddle. Kids run back and forth over the bridge, in awe of the magical array of colors and patterns.

The celebration took place on the Walker Avenue bridge in Greensboro on Saturday, November 14th, marking the 100th anniversary of the Lindley Park neighborhood. The event was called, Knit the Bridge, as over 100 volunteers wrapped, knit and stitched either side railing of the bridge along with nearby tree trunks, road signs and telephone poles. Although Greensboro’s lovely orange and yellow tinged leaves have begun to descend in preparation for winter, the Walker avenue bridge lacks no color as the bright hued knits pop against pavement and bare trees.

I actually hadn’t heard of Knit the Bridge, but I happen to live in the Lindley Park neighborhood and was walking by. The scintillating sight of heaps of colorful yarn and the scrambling of people definitely caught my eye. I regrettably didn’t have my camera on hand at the event but was able to get some great shots on sunday of the finished product.

Contributors said to have started as early as August 1st, knitting in their homes, Lindley Park neighborhood coffee shop, Common Grounds, and other corners of Greensboro. Needles to say… this tight knit community has worked months ahead to create something the whole neighborhood can enjoy.

Take a peep at some detail shots of the exuberant and intricate textiles that were created, below.

According to News & Record, the yarn was supplied through a $1,300 grant from the Building Stronger Neighborhoods Foundationsome of the money went towards other projects such as a dog park and a pool splash party.

This project didn’t just result in a beautiful addition to the Greensboro landscape, but it drew our community together and reminded us all that when we band together, beautiful results are possible. The Walker Avenue bridge will never be the same as contributors aim to keep Knit the Bridge going for years to come. Be sure to head over to the Lindley Park neighborhood to enjoy the sight of the revamped bridge, and don’t forget to touch it too!

Click here to check out an awesome video clip made by News & Record, to watch how the bridge was made on the day of the event and what makes this event soooo GSO.


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