E-Zine Dreams

It’s finals week here at Guilford, but we have other things on the brain here at Hand/Eye– Our first digital art magazine.

What is a digital magazine you ask?

Rather than a physical copy of a magazine that is flippable, front to back, a digital magazine allows readers to click, scroll and browse as they wish. These so-called “E-Zines,”are uniquely versatile as readers can click through hyperlinks, leading them through various portals of the web. We can even link to personal websites!

The benefits of creating an E-Zine are countless, from being easier on the wallet to easier on the environment. But let’s get to the fun stuff. Ours will also be different from many E-Zines as it will be filled with artwork unlike others that focus on writing. But don’t be fooled, we are accepting artistically inspired writing of all kinds.

The Hand/Eye E-Zine will feature the art of our own Guilford students. We are accepting all submissions and all mediums. We view art as an interdisciplinary topic that stretches across many disciplines. Whether it’s drawing, photography, sculpture, prints, creative writing, videography, music or even science research based off of the principles of design, we would love to feature it. If you would like your work featured in the Hand/Eye E-Zine, please, do not hesitate to submit. We are open to all kinds of submissions.

Here’s where you come in.

We are still in the idea phase and would love your input on how we can make our first zine the best that it can be. Please feel free to email questions, comments and submissions to magoonjs@guilford.edu. For submissions, include “Hand/Eye Zine” in the subject line and insert files through google drive. Send as many submissions as you wish, but jpegs only please. If you have questions on how to submit, email us

We are looking forward to the next chapter in Hand/Eye and hope that this will further our success and visibility as well as yours. Stay tuned for deadlines after break, but start thinking about what you’d like to submit. Looking forward to it.

Love, H/E


(If you’re wondering, the feature image is one of my own digital collages)

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