Make Serendipity More Serendipitous

You may have noticed some whimsical sculptures scattered around Guilford during Serendipity weekend. Some were functional for sitting, some invited you in to investigate, and others acted as a sort of eye-spy game, hidden throughout the campus, waiting to be discovered.

⊗ ◊ ⊗ ◊ ⊗

These sculptures were created by Mark Dixon’s Sculpture II, III and Advanced Sculpture students. The project was a fun and fantastic exercise in creating artwork intended for a particular audience, place, and event. Mark explains that Serendipity is the perfect event to hone in on your audience, saying how “the audience of students participating in Serendipity is not homogeneous but it is way more specific than ‘everyone.’”

The students were asked to keep in mind their own experiences at Serendipity, considering questions such as, “What is it like? Why do we do it? What kinds of experiences could make it better?” The resulting creations adequately matched the festivities of Serendipity.

Ben Stinson and Abby Horn:

Brett Myers:

Alex Marlowe:

Seth Premo:

Will Staples:

James Rinearson:

Having these sculptures scattered across campus sets the tone for Serendipity. Really, unless you are by the lake or in the gymnasium, there’s no big indication that a festival is happening if not for the annual array of sculptures.

When asked about the future of this annual event, Mark envisions a “student-produced” Serendipity, where “all disciplines roll out the most thrilling aspects of their work for a party atmosphere”. He explained, “I see a festival where the culture and expectation is that the participants create the event through their own participation and creativity. Halloween parties are like that. There may be some centralized stuff like music, a house, food or drink, but the participants make it exciting with their costumes. “

I couldn’t agree more. There is so much potential behind this idea. Traveling improv theatre? Yes. Chemistry department miniature rocket launches? Hell yes. Saxophone solos preformed on skateboards booking it through the quad? Why not? Serendipity can be so much more than it already is if everyone brought their talent to the party.

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