Introducing: Katy Collier!

♥Welcome back, everyone, to Guilford!♥

This year, while our dear Roy Nydorf is on sabbatical, we’ll have Katy Collier taking over the drawing and printmaking scene!

Katy graduated from Whittier College in 2006 with a BA in Studio Art and received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009. Before Guilford, she taught at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis, MN. She has also taught at Spudnik Press, SAIC, and Ox-Bow School of Art and Artists’ Residency.

Katy has shown her work at Hyde Park Art Center, Women’s Studio Workshop, Highpoint Center for Printmaking, and Detroit Artists Market. Her current medium of choice is Woodcut. (I’ve included some of her awesome prints below.)


When asked what inspires her artistically, she said she is inspired by “really ambitious projects, usually by women,” where she can “see the process of the vision they had”. An example of an artist that inspires her is American folk artist, Grandma Moses.

Her transition into Guilford life has “been overwhelming, a little bit, just because I’m getting used to Greensboro and Guilford and teaching the classes here at the same time, but I really like it.” She says “it really reminds me a lot of Whittier so far, in some ways. The campus is so beautiful. Even when I’m tired and stressed, I’m like ‘I can’t believe I get to do this job, it’s amazing!’”

If you want more information about Katy, you can visit her website, her blog, and check out these fun facts:


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