Hildebrandt Open House!

At 8 pm on Thursday, after the Student Show, everyone is invited to head on over to Hildebrandt for the Senior Thesis student’s open house event! Get an inside look at our studio spaces and see what we’ve been up to this semester as we prepare for the Thesis exhibit in the Spring!


Here’s what to expect:

img_3858Seth Premo’s thesis project is all about furniture. He is designing his work with modern aesthetics, using primarily wood and steel construction. He is creating pieces that are new and different while making sure his furniture is functional and practical for use in your home. For the big show in May, he says, “I will have a few lines of furniture, each with their own unique aesthetic that is something you’ve never seen before. I am also beginning to learn about new materials and construction methods that are challenging but rewarding.” For the open house, Seth will have music and food going in his studio and all his process and finished work that isn’t in the student show will be available to see.



For Thesis, I, Kate Mitchell, am creating color linocut prints of objects that are significant reminders of my experiences within the last year. I am utilizing both prose-like titles, as well as projected animations, to bring light to the story behind each object. For the open house, I will be showing a few of my prints, a recent video I created to practice the art of animation, and I will actively be carving.





Colin Nollet ‘s thesis project explores their queer identity and the ways that it is both split and compartmentalized in their life, as well as, Colin states, “the way that my sexuality and gender intersect fragments in social, personal, sexual, and familial interactions.” In Colin’s studio for the open house, there will be an interactive temporary mural about identity and the symbols we use to express that.





Grace VanFleet’s art has been shaped by her childhood, which was filled with monsters and magic in a very positive way. She says, “I also grew up surrounded by my father’s art. Drawing from these experiences, my thesis is inspired by folklore and monsters.” Working in both printmaking and 3D printing, Grace’s thesis project illustrates her interpretation of these folkloric beings.



unnamedFor Thesis, Martin Brown is concentrating on using drawing to depict another world/planet, focusing on landscapes and character/creature profiles. Thus far, he has primarily focused on the flora, fauna and geological elements of this other world, using intense detail to draw the viewer into the complexity of life on this other planet. Martin says, “I am interested in a sci-fi and fantasy element, and have been drawing heavily on comic book/illustrative art to inform line, shadow and tone. I am chiefly using pen and ink to develop space, but I plan on bringing color into my work for future work.” For the open house, Martin will be staging a live drawing session during the open house that will allow viewers to get a glimpse at what a typical night in the studio looks like for him, and get a sense of his creativity and drawing style.



You can find Hildebrandt at 805 Dolley Madison Road, or, if you attend the Student Show beforehand, just follow the thesis students at 8:00 and we’ll take you there.

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