Printing Protestors

Three social justice blog posts in a row? Tis the season!

Ahhh, yet another interdisciplinary Guilford moment where art, literature, and social justice came together to create something powerful and strong. Printmaking professor Katy Collier hosted a protest sign carving party on Monday where participants could carve wood or linoleum blocks to create their own protest slogan stamps. It was great to see people who had never carved before learn the skill of printmaking and create cool and important art in the process.

What a lively evening! Set on a day where everyone should have been preparing for finals, we had a good crowd of people ignoring their exhaustion and internal dread who found political protest more important than sleep (go Guilford fam!) There was greenleaf tea, clementines, photography breaks featuring awkwardly posed professors who couldn’t decide if they should smile or make it a candid work shot, and slogan brainstorming!


Creative writing professor Myléne Dressler stopped by and helped us in this brainstorming effort. I wasn’t there when she stopped by, but the words she left held her presence, like they always do. I remember her discussing the quote “Create Dangerously” just days earlier in fiction class.

This event mainly focused on brainstorming the slogans and creating the stamps, but on February 8th, we will have a PRINTING PARTY, where people (even those who didn’t come to the carving party) can use the stamps to create protest signs, stickers, or pretty much print the slogans on anything that has a surface that can hold ink.

 I’ll post more information as the date approaches.

♥ I hope to see you all there! ♥

thanks, Heather Hayton for providing snacks via sponsorship by the honors program!

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