Thinking of going to a protest in the near future? Need rally fliers,  stickers, patches, postcards, and signs? Drop by the print shop of Hege Cox (second floor middle room) this Friday between 1-4:30 pm to make your own!

In conjunction with the All Black Everything symposium, and in partnership with MED and the English and Creative Writing Department, Free Press is an open house event for students, alumni,  faculty, and staff to come together as a community and voice their frustrations through creating protest (or support) prints. Also, there will be snacks ♥

With the help of expert printmaking volunteers, learn to print your opinions! There is a vast array of stamps, woodblocks and lino our Guilford students and professors have carved for you to print. Can’t find a text block that speaks your mind? Create your own custom design!

Thanks to the Honors Program and the Greenleaf for sponsoring this event!

For updates, follow Free Press on Facebook and instagram and contact Katy Collier if you have any questions.

photos taken by Erin Kye and Katy Collier


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