Black Trans Lives Matter

A protest was held on Guilford’s campus on Wednesday afternoon after Public Safety’s response to a sexual assault of a transgender woman at 10pm on Tuesday night was deemed insufficient. When an alert about the assault wasn’t immediately released there was an uproar of emotion on campus. Before the protest began there was a calm silence. And once it started there was an unavoidable tenseness in the air. The tension became even more intense once the administration and leaders of the protest emerged out of the crowd. Once they were face to face, it was almost as if they were challenging each other. I felt like the administration wasn’t grasping the pain, terror, and sense of injustice that everyone was feeling. I found myself thinking does the administration really even care about what happened to the victim of this crime? The safety of this campus?


This is my photo essay.

March 1st, 2017 at 1 PM in front of Founders hall on Guilford College’s campus.

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