Free Press

Screenprinting, stamps, music, and community!

 🎶“It takes two to make a thing go riiiight, it takes two to make it outta sight”

Free Press was bumping Rob Base ! There were many people already working on t-shirt designs and a variety of stamps. Great music fills the rooms, people are singing, dancing and creating. I do not know anything first thing about printing, or making stamps, but people who did were more than willing to help out. ♥♥♥

Katy (An amazing teacher and artist) was doing a print where she had a design on a large flat surface of wood that looked as if she carved into the areas of the wood that she didn’t want to be printed. There was ink on the design and then there was the magic of it. A large poster was placed on top of the wood then was rolled through the printing press. It was so cool to watch, pictures below.♥♥♥


Someone nicely urged me to make a shirt. All of the prints were great so it was hard to chose. I decided that I wanted a “BLACK GIRL MAGIC” t-shirt print design. Mostly because of my afro, and the shirt design also has an afro.♥♥♥

Free Press was hosted by the Art Department upstairs in the Hege-Cox Building at Guilford College. Printing press, printing designs on t-shirts, and stamp making were the main activities that you could participate in. Here are additional pictures♥♥♥:

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