Reconsidered Goods

Last fall, I was sent on a work errand to drop off fabric donations to a new little business on Patterson St. Little did I know, I was stumbling upon one of the better places Greensboro has to offer. Reconsidered Goods is an artist’s haven, thrift shopper’s dream, and environmentally conscious space that the Guilford College community needs to be aware of.IMG_9312

Paige Cox, a founding member of Reconsidered Goods and all around lovely person, shared her insights and vision on Greensboro’s own art inspired and reuse business:

“We want this to be a community project. It’s a business based on things we don’t need going to people that find a need for them. We also feel very strongly about building a creative community vibe that makes you want to hang out, shop, attend a workshop, or just come get inspired. Joseph and I are both artists, so we love to see people saving money and creating with our products. Our mission is to reduce the waste that goes into our local waste stream. Every item donated and sold helps support that mission physically and financially.”

Cox explained how Reconsidered Goods got it’s start, I realized that Greensboro could use a creative reuse center in the Piedmont, so I reached out to Ann Woodward, the executive Director at Durham’s Scrap Exchange*. She said every city should have a center and she invited me to attend a four day boot camp training in November 2015. I joined two other groups that were starting centers in other states and Scrap Exchange gave us tons of materials and insight in running a successful reuse center.”

Cox met her two partners, Martha Hughes-James and Joseph Edwards, at a meeting for a SPARK grant last spring. She said “It was one of those moments where you say your crazy dream out loud and say “who’s with me!” They were the two that said “count us in.’”

Reconsidered Goods has grown from an idea to a successful business through dedicated and passionate people’s hard work. They are building a strong volunteer base and donations continue to pour in.  

Need more reasons to love Reconsidered Goods? They are non-profit and environmentally conscious! Both Cox and Hughes-James have Quaker roots. Cox stated, “We feel strongly about the connections of earth and spirituality and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. Guilford students always seem to have a deeper understanding of the bigger picture of our project. Yes, it’s fun cool stuff… but it’s also a conscious choice to have less impact on the planet on a daily basis.”

Becoming a non-profit can be difficult and intimidating. “Being a non-profit comes with a lot of responsibility of running a tight, transparent business and being politically neutral in your opinions. This was a tough year for me to stay less vocal on my personal opinions and try to keep an open mind on our mission. It can be a fine line….” The efforts and work of the Reconsidered Goods staff are greatly appreciated in making our community a better place.

What exactly can you find at Reconsidered Goods? Well, anything. You can find a list of accepted donations here to get an idea of what all is in the store. For your creative side, there’s an abundance of useful, unique, and inexpensive materials ranging from yarn, thread, and fabric to wood, glass, and paper by the dozens. You can also sift through the collections of records, vintage photographs, tapes, VHS, CD’s, magazines, books, cameras, jewelry, and more! There are also a ton of random items in the store that sometimes are just unexplainable.

My personal favorite find at Reconsidered Goods are the tiny, golden chicken baskets in the Home section. I discovered them in October, and they have been one of the few constants in the store. I love them and check to see if they are still there every time I visit!

Some other ways you can enjoy Reconsidered Goods are through the unique events they provide; like “Make It Night” every Wednesday night from 6-8pm. You and your friends can create cute and useful crafts for only $8!

Workshops hosted by local and visiting artists are great ways to expose yourself to new expressive ideas and mediums. Past events include Diane Robinson’s Citra Solv & National Geographic workshop and Rebecca Holland’s Creative Portrait workshop. All events can be found on the Reconsidered Goods facebook page!

It’s hard to understand the scope of just how charming Reconsidered Goods is if you’ve never been, so you just need to go! Help spread the love and tell your friends to visit too. If you can’t make it out quite yet, follow the Reconsidered Goods instagram for amusing posts and updates!  

“It’s a constantly changing little weird world we have made.  We hope to be around for a long time.” -Paige Cox

*The Scrap Exchange is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse.

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