Saba Taj visits Guilford

“My show at Guilford right now is called We have adorned everything on earth, which is a little snippet from the Quran and the work explores destruction and transformation as a metaphor for revolution.”

Saba Taj is a queer + muslim artist visiting from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Taj spoke to the Guilford community Tuesday night, April 4th, as a part of the Art and Identity Discussion Series, on their work that narrates liberation from oppression through inspiration from Islamic Mythologies and Afrofuturism.

“So my process is about destroying, metaphorically, the dominant narrative that is articulated through the magazines,and kind of freeing these images and these bodies from this problematic context and empowering them, or potentially just empowering myself through recreating these hybrid forms that in many ways represent a fragmented identity that begins to come together into a cohesive whole.”

“That really begins to get into this subliminal space of existing in identities that are in between, that transcend binaries. Which is, in essence, how categories of identities seem to function in a broad sense.”

“There is a lot of humor, glitter, violence, and heaviness as well and I really love to play with this line between the grotesque and the beautiful.”

On April 5th, Free Press collaborated with Saba Taj on a workshop that included new designs created by the artist. Taj opened the event with a brief overview on their activist work in both Durham and Greensboro.

You can view We have adorned everything on earth in the main gallery until May 20th.

Check out Saba Taj’s website and instagram for more of their work!

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