y’all, Thesis bout to get REAL

The Senior Thesis Art Exhibition, titled “Disparate,” opens Friday, May 5th, from 7-9pm. The reception will be held in the Bauman Galleries, 2nd floor in Founders Hall, on the College campus. Admission to the exhibition and reception is free! Join the Art Department in celebrating the thesis work of Martin Brown, Kate Mitchell, Colin Nollet, Seth Premo, and Grace VanFleet.


What’s the title of your collection?

VanFleet: While They Sleep Unaware

Mitchell: Hidden– it explores the hidden significance of objects in peoples lives, focusing specifically on my life in the past year

Nollet: My body of work is Dragging my Body Around. Originally titled Diary of my Flesh, but I wanted to stray away from the taxidermy-of-the-self vibes that that title gave off.

What inspiration is helping through install week?

VanFleet: The desire to be done is overwhelming at this point, there is just so much anticipation.

Mitchell: Knowing that I won’t have to worry about thesis anymore in two weeks is really inspiring me to get through install week.

Nollet: I’ve been listening to a lot of angsty teenager music, which honestly helps me both curb stress and get in tune with that angry lil wannabe emo kid that always dreamed of having his own art studio.

Also 5 minute breaks to go on Pinterest is my go to distraction/inspiration because then I’m constantly looking at and thinking about art even if it’s not the stuff I’m working on.


Who deserves a shoutout for helping you through thesis year?

VanFleet: My parents, who have been extremely helpful and supportive, and Katy Collier who has taught me so much about printmaking.

Mitchell: Katy “nerves of steel sweet baby angel” Collier, Grace VanFleet- printmaking supreme champion, Terry Hammond- curator cool cat, Antoine Williams- expert thesis leader, Erin Kye- gesso queen, and my parentssss

Nollet: Honestly, so many people deserve one. I am constantly in fear of my work being boring or not exciting, and the amount of people I have around me that are constantly lifting up and appreciating the work keeps me making it. I love all my friends that have told me that I got this, and if I need to destress to text them, and that is so so so important to me. I love you all. You all deserve personalized shoutouts, but I’m writing this on a time constraint so here is your cute obligatory message from me: I love you and thank you and I can’t wait to see yall at the show.

Also shout out to my parents, because even though they don’t really get the art that I do, they are still always there to support me.


What food are you most excited about eating at the opening on Friday?

VanFleet: I’m a sucker for a good fruit platter, and I want to know if the edamame pot stickers live up to the hype.

Mitchell: caprese sticks!



≡ Disparate runs through May 20th 

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