Senior Thesis


Every year juniors are asked to apply for the Senior Thesis Exhibition. Each student candidate has to have at least a 3.25 GPA in art to be accepted. If they are accepted they work very hard on the art they would like to showcase. Critiques from their professors help them progress to completing their works until they create what they deem worthy enough to put into Senior Thesis. This year Guilford’s Art Department showcased five talented artists including: Martin Brown (Bachelor of Arts candidate, Drawing Focus), Grace VanFleet (Bachelor of Arts candidate, Printmaking focus), Seth Premo (Bachelor of Arts candidate, Sculpture Focus), Colin Nollet (Bachelor of Arts candidate, Drawing focus), and Kate Mitchell (Bachelor of Arts candidate, Printmaking focus)

Martin Brown’s work features a post apocalyptic world full of floating landscapes and science fiction ideas. Brown’s uses pen, ink, watercolor and marker to create eye catching artworks. 

Grace VanFleet’s work focuses on old stories, also known as folklore, and combining them with with modern prints to show that those stories are still relevant. VanFleet is the first to use 3D prints in the showcase. She used 3D printing to create the creatures related to their folklore then proceeded to paint them accordingly.

Seth Premo’s focus was on handmade furniture design in the style of mid 20th century modernism and minimalism. Metal, leather, and wood are used to create harmonious furniture that creates stunning interior spaces. Premo created dining room sets that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Colin Nollet’s work is focused on the ideas of identity and how identity is very malleable and changes from moment to moment. Print making was used to capture the different kinds of identities. Nollet uses fashion to show how identity is always worn and how we use it to present ourselves. 

Kate Mitchell combines highly detailed, but also minimalist prints and projection to create various scenes that focus on time, mundane objects and our relationship with them. The projections sync up with the prints, and go on a loop. It’s a beautiful and mesmerizing way to combine both projection and prints.

During Senior Thesis: Art Showcase, people from the community can come and view the art, talk to the artists, and even purchase art pieces. These seniors worked incredibly hard all year long and their efforts paid off. The showcase was stunning. If you want to see their thoughts before the thesis show read Erin’s “y’all, Thesis bout to get REAL”!


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