What Free Press Does on Guilford’s Campus

Freedom of speech is a liberty constantly under fire in today’s media. With issues as recent as the deconstruction of Columbus monument in Baltimore to players throughout all major league sports exercising their right to kneel during the Star Spangled Banner the preservation of freedom of speech is as essential as it’s always been. On Guilford’s campus a group of dedicated students are committed to promoting free speech, knowledge, and political safety through an organization called ‘Free Press’. Earlier todayRead more

Side By Side: a Review of Two Artists One Space

Sharing a space can be challenging. However, the execution of Two Artists One Space, currently exhibiting at Greenhill, leaves few seams visible in the pursuit of combining two narratives. As one might predict, the exhibit features the work of two artists on a mission to explore different themes regarding identity and belonging through mixed media and multi-dimensional installations. The featured artists include Guilford professor Antoine Williams and Peruvian native Renzo Ortega. When placed next to each other William’s and Ortega’sRead more