The Gap Between Intention and Effect

  Masquerade: verb 1. To pretend to be someone one is not. This Monday I attended art department chair Kathryn Sheilds’ lecture tackling the issue of identity and masks. A handful of students as well as faculty gathered in the Hege Library art gallery to learn about masquerade and contemporary photography. In a fifteen minute lecture Kathryn examined the theme of identity in several photographers’ work- Diane Arbus, Cindy Sherman, Kimiko Yoshida, Nikki S. Lee, Gillian Wearing, and Jillian Mayer.Read more

Be Obsessed, Find Your Focus~~Art After Guilford

As a second semester junior for whom senior year is creeping up way too fast, I went into the Art After Guilford event with a fair amount of excitement but an even larger amount of existential angst. I have no idea where I’m going with my art or my life when I leave college. Would these alumni have any advice for this young artist who has no direction in life? Art After Guilford is put together every year to giveRead more


Hand/Eye is springing back into action with a few staff changes this semester. Joining veteran Hand/Eye writer Juliet Magoon are junior art majors Kate Mitchell and Brianna Parker. Juliet is a senior double major in photography and environmental studies currently working on her thesis.                                               Kate’s focus in art is printmaking, with a minor in writing.      Brianna’s focusRead more