Senior Thesis Spotlight: Martha McGehee

Could you talk a little bit about the focus of your thesis? I am an oil painter focusing on capturing dreamscapes and what dreams look like How has your work changed from last semester, or even in the past year? My work has changed a lot in the past year. I went from 12×24 bright saturated colored scapes to 24×36 muted neutral tones and more emotional and sometimes even dark paintings. Dreams obviously play a huge role in terms ofRead more

Senior Thesis Exhibition 2013

Being a student who participated in the senior art thesis program, I have an obvious bias as to why you should go see the exhibition in Founders Gallery (second floor). For the past semester, we’ve been doing thesis spotlights, where Nicole or I grill the participants about their processes and whatnot. When the time came for me to be interviewed, Nicole asked me why I decided to apply for the thesis program. If she asked me the same question aRead more

Sign Up For Guilford Hand/Eye

Dearest Guilford community, Nicole and I will both unfortunately be leaving the illustrious and fulfilling Hand/Eye art blog for greener pastures, thus reducing the editorial staff from 2 people to zero people.  Now, I know what your thinking, “Ryan and Nicole, how will I show my grandparents and pets all the cool art stuff going on at Guilford?  How will I get the word out about my solo show in the Quakeria?  What I’m I going to do with myRead more

Senior Thesis Spotlight: Katie Maloney

What are you currently working on? What is the main focus of your thesis? Basically, my pieces are figuring out a way to relate animal forms and some natural forms like leaves into functional vessels.  I guess it’s sort of a statement on how the animate wildness that we’re pretty detached from, currently and especially in my generation, can be integrated with human domestic ritual, and the daily use of these bowls and pitchers and teapots.  These pieces being representativeRead more

Senior Thesis Spotlight: Madison Heltzel

Madison Heltzel is currently undergoing the final steps of her senior thesis project, a mixed-media endeavor that revolves around recontextualizing shapes and colors found in the natural world.  While the unconventional materials are sometimes identifiable, the work as a whole is rooted in abstract imagery. What is the focus of your thesis? I’m doing a series of works on paper in various scales, some really large and some small. I’m trying to use natural materials, different pigments from mud and beeswaxRead more

On Paper

An image wrestles itself into the forefront of my thoughts after hearing the word “paper,” a white, blank, eight-and-a-half by eleven sheet of looseleaf, characterized more by what is printed upon it than the actual paper itself. And while we focus on the beauty of printed words or constructed imagery, what lies beneath is often of little importance (that is, unless it breaks from the regularity of the white, blank, eight -and-a-half by eleven sheet of looseleaf). As part ofRead more

Senior Thesis Spotlight: Ailey Greig

Ailey Greig is a senior, currently working on her Bachelor of Arts, with a focus in painting.  Her paintings, for the most part, fall in the realm of portraiture/self portraiture.  Often the figures are defined by their uncanny surroundings, while subtle distortions in the figures themselves equally contribute to a sense of emotional depth, rooted in the nature of humans and our relationships with one another. How would you describe what you’re working on this semester? My thesis is composedRead more

Green Hill: Independents

North Carolina (and Greensboro specifically) is home to an art community riddled with talent in both visual arts and music, and yet so much of the output goes unnoticed. Maybe it’s the city or the state where we live that’s responsible for clouding the creative efforts. Maybe the relative size and popularity allows the rest of the world to breeze over with a bit more ease. Regardless, it’s nice to see shows like Independents at the Green Hill Center toRead more

Art Faculty Panel Discussion

This past Thursday, the entire art faculty gathered in the Hege Library Gallery to discuss their work, specifically the work that has been on display in the gallery since early February.  From photographs developed through unconventional methods, to hand carved wooden sculptures, to a pyramid of televisions, the diversity of the show directly reflects the range of talents and interests that reside inside of our art department.  While the outline and specifications of the event were fairly explanatory, I found myself aRead more

Pulp Fiction

Before the vast acceptance and understanding of homosexuality in today’s America, when words like heathenism and degeneracy were used with less hesitation, a bizarre genre of pocket-sized literature surfaced to mid-twentieth century subculture. Titled because of their grainy, cheaply produced paper, pulp novels gave the repressed lesbian community both a source of common ground and the comforts that come with shared experience. More significant than their content is the time period in which these novels gained momentum and popularity. DuringRead more