2013 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition | UNCG

Paintings, video pieces, sculptures and digital photos align the walls and floor space in the bottom galleries at the Weatherspoon museum. Six artists, Nickola Dudley, Matthew Hayes, Harriet Hoover, Branch Richter, Amy Stibich, and Clark Williamson, are all apart of the exhibition that presents their thesis work.    When I entered the first space, there were painting displayed by Branch Richter, which were small in size but contained a vast amount of imagery. Harriet Hoover compiled a collective grouping of work whichRead more

Senior Thesis Spotlight | Ryan James

  H/E: Where are you from?  Ryan James: Atlanta, Georgia, home of CNN, Waffle House, and Outkast.   H/E: How long have you been making art/when did you discover your process?  Ryan James: I think most people grow up drawing, but I guess I never really lost interest in it.  I was super into comics and thought those artists must have the coolest lives ever, so a lot of my childhood was spent making little side plots (exact copies) of Spiderman stories.  Read more

ELSEWHERE | Artist Talks

All of you Guilfordian’s complaining about how Greensboro is monotonous, stale and lifeless should probably step outside of the Guilford bubble and into the quirky and peculiar world of Elsewhere, an artist collective. You might think that once you’ve seen the museum, you’ve seen it all but the atmosphere is constantly in a state of flux, objects are always finding a new world to live in. Not only is the museum a cheap form of entertainment, artist talks, located outside onRead more

Andreas Nicolas Fischer | Reflections

  Stepping inside of SECCA, the dichotomy between modern art and antique architecture, invite me to the exhibition of Andreas Nicolas Fischer, who hails from Germany with his software intensive artwork. When I entered the space, I noticed the walls facing the hallway to the galleries were lined with canvases similar to infrared photographs taken by Richard Mosse; a bloody hue lined the images on what originally appeared to be mountains or terrain.  While I slowly walked through the restRead more

Tomory Dodge & Denyse Thomasos| Directions to a Dirty Place

Nature vs. architecture are two themes that Tomory Dodge and Denyse Thomasos explore in their vastly sized canvases through the medium of painting. Dodge abstracts his pieces with thick layers of paint while Thomasos, utilized geometric shapes and lines that crossed along the white slate. Dodge’s pieces vary in color scheme, some were dark with dashes of light color while some were filled with pastels and bright hues. In his explanations and statements about each piece, he repeatedly drew onRead more


Ryan James and I will both be breaking out of the Guilford bubble this coming May and sacrificing ourselves to the outside world. Because of this, the Hand/Eye blog will need some new writers, faces, photographers and artistic personalities to take over the task that we unfortunately have to leave behind. Writing for Hand/Eye is a independent study course that you can take for 1-4 credits, depending on your work load and ability to attend events. Personally, I wish IRead more


The Greenleaf Review is hosting the launch of the magazine along with live music, poetry readings, games and a chill atmosphere down by the lake on Wednesday, April 24th from 2-5! You can stay updated with the Greenleaf Review by liking their Facebook page hereRead more

Inflatable Worship with Mark Dixon

  As many of you have heard, the sculpture department is in search of a new faculty member since Mark Dixon was under a temporary position. The job is now being opened to three candidates, including Mark himself. Today, I traveled over to Hege Cox to view Marks workshop session with a rather large group of individuals, professors and students. This opportunity was awesome to see in action; the Quaker tradition of including students in the process was highly impressive. Read more


Submit your photos to Guilford’s Juried Student Photography Show! Its a great chance to sell your artwork and have it shown in a public place off campus (Marks across the street).  Deadline: April 15th  Submission Form: Pick one up at the info desk in Founders Drop off: Photo lab, basement of Hege Cox    Read more

Independent Study Spotlight |Douglas Reyes-Ceron

Typically, Hand/Eye focuses on thesis students, artist interviews and other happenings around the Greensboro area. However, there are still students out there doing artsy fartsy things without us, as a community, fully recognizing their proposals and projects. Douglas Reyes-Ceron, a senior, started experimenting with photography in 2005, during a summer recreational course. His adventures moved forward to working with a small multimedia group that focused on “Latino weddings, birthdays and baptisms”. Douglas also shoots for non-profit groups and has completedRead more