Upcoming Events in The Art Department

The Art Department Welcomes You To These Following Events: WGSS + FREE PRESS Wednesday, April 19th 1-3:30pm Hege-Cox Print Shop Join the Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Program and Free Press this coming Wednesday the 19th at Hege-Cox for a special WGSS Free Press event! We’ll be printing conference posters and t-shirts as well as other Free Press designs!   ART DEPARTMENT PARTICIPATES IN GUS Friday, April 21st GUS 10:00am-4:00pm Art Department Mash Up in the Carnegie Room Object andRead more

Free Press Serendipity Edition

What is Printmaking? Free Press is an event where students can create and witness the art of printmaking. People go for the awesome shirt and poster designs, and to also create their own stamps. There’s so much about printmaking that people do not know (No, it is not a piece of paper coming out of a machine). I asked to wonderful seniors who are studying printmaking. Taylor Brown, and Grace Van Fleet both help me understand printmaking. Here are someRead more

Art Department does Serendipity

The Art Department will be participating in Serendipity weekend. Come check us out at the following events!     Free Press on Friday, March 31st 1:30p.m.-4:00p.m. in Hege-Cox Print Shop Free Press and Advance Sculpture will be at Lake Fest from 2:00p.m.-5:00p.m. on Saturday, April 1st. Free Press will be giving out hand made mini prints, and candy! Advance Sculpture will be displaying their recent works!   Check out Guilford College’s Facebook!Read more

Free Press

Screenprinting, stamps, music, and community!  “It takes two to make a thing go riiiight, it takes two to make it outta sight” Free Press was bumping Rob Base ! There were many people already working on t-shirt designs and a variety of stamps. Great music fills the rooms, people are singing, dancing and creating. I do not know anything first thing about printing, or making stamps, but people who did were more than willing to help out. ♥♥♥ Katy (An amazing teacherRead more