Conversation Through Art

Artist Michaela Pilar Brown Visits Guilford by Annie Lattimore The artist, Michaela Pilar Brown’s project “Burying Seeds” is full of personal pieces based on the body and her idea of home. During her talk in the Guilford College Art Gallery on Thursday night, she spoke about identity, history, and race. Brown also spoke on her life and the state of our country during President Trump’s travel ban. After taking some time off of her art to become a caregiver andRead more

□ Biennial Art Faculty Exhibition □

Creativity swirled through the Guilford College Art Gallery on February 3rd, as this year’s Art Faculty Exhibition had opened its doors. This year focused around the diversity ideas, materials and imagery as mediums ranged from paintings, sculpture, and collaborative ceramics to graphics, photography,  and a mixed-media sound installation. Students’ eyes lit up throughout the room as they were finally able to see some of their professors’ most current endeavors in art. As an art major, I felt especially inspired as I was able toRead more

“All You Knit is Love”

Knitting needles tirelessly click away to the beat of energetic bluegrass ensemble, Zinc Kings. A slew of knitters, old and young, knit and purl merrily to the upbeat twang of the fiddle. Kids run back and forth over the bridge, in awe of the magical array of colors and patterns. The celebration took place on the Walker Avenue bridge in Greensboro on Saturday, November 14th, marking the 100th anniversary of the Lindley Park neighborhood. The event was called, Knit the Bridge, as over 100Read more

Our Newest Addition

This semester, we are welcoming Antoine Williams into our art department!  Antoine is a recent graduate from UNC Chapel Hill, where he received an MFA in studio art.  Although he’s been teaching in academia for a while, it is clear that Antoine is very much a practicing artist.  In looking at his work (check out his website) and in taking his 2-D Design Course (which I am so pleased to be a part of) it is clear that Antoine thrivesRead more

Are You There Guilford? It’s Us, Hand Eye

△▽ First off, kudos to our new President Jane Fernandes. On August 26th an inauguration was held in her honor, as she was named Guilford’s 9th– and very first female president. She is also the first deaf woman to lead an American college or university. Following the ceremony, sticking to Guilford’s quaker roots set in simplicity and responsible stewardship, a club and talents fair engrossed the quad. As Jane rolled her sleeves up to plant a celebratory oak tree, I saw sculpture instructor, Mark Dixon‘sRead more

Don’t miss The Wild and Scenic Film Festival!

If you’re looking for some fun this Friday night, the Cape Fear River Basin Studies Program is hosting The Wild and Scenic Film Festival at the historic Carolina Theatre in downtown Greensboro! Doors open at 7, show starts at 7:30.  <><><> Register here! ($10 general admission tickets are available at the door!)  Read more

Revisting Narratives with Romare Bearden

When I think about where I come from, I return to the first house I ever lived in. It was pale pink, or peach as my dad liked to argue, with olive green shutters. The inside was just as tacky — reminiscent of the 70’s, there were green tiled floors and wood paneled walls. The living room was where I spent most of my time sitting on our white, spongy couch watching Free Willy with my older sister, Alice. SheRead more

NC Arts Council Fellowship at CAM Raleigh

Take a moment to close your eyes and think about what is familiar to you. It could be anything from the chair you are sitting on to early childhood memories. You might recall moments, ideas, visions, sounds or definitions collected from life that together create your world, very different from those of others. Amanda Small, one of 16 represented in the NC Arts Council 2013 Fellowship exhibition at CAM Raleigh, Museum of Contemporary Art, cites the following quotation as aRead more

UnSilencing Violence

Content Warning: This article contains depictions and discussions of sexual violence and (non)consensual sexual activity. Here is a word defined by Susanna Westberg that you most likely will not find in the Webster Dictionary, but may have more meaning than the average lingo: UnSilence verb 1. to break silence, speak out or share what may have previously been silenced by self or others Try thinking of unsilencing as a form of storytelling, only the story that is being told isRead more

Modernism: Unlearning with Forecast Music at Reynolda House

I thought I knew what music sounded like until I went to see Brooklyn Sounds: Copland Meets the Moderns presented by Forecast Music at Reynolda House this past Saturday. In my world I thought that there were several elements that music needs to be, well, music; like rhythm, a beat, harmony and chord progressions. So I’m at this concert and while the musicians are tuning their instruments, I’m thinking this is going to be something like Beethoven’s Minuet in GRead more