Are You There Guilford? It’s Us, Hand Eye

△▽ First off, kudos to our new President Jane Fernandes. On August 26th an inauguration was held in her honor, as she was named Guilford’s 9th– and very first female president. She is also the first deaf woman to lead an American college or university. Following the ceremony, sticking to Guilford’s quaker roots set in simplicity and responsible stewardship, a club and talents fair engrossed the quad. As Jane rolled her sleeves up to plant a celebratory oak tree, I saw sculpture instructor, Mark Dixon‘sRead more

PITH | 2015 Online!

Hello there! Long time, no posts! It’s been quite a bit of a break between posts on here, and you certainly haven’t heard from me in a while, but I write to you now to offer you the chance to check out the 2015 Senior Thesis show, PITH, without even leaving your home. You don’t even have to be wearing pants, but that’s your decision, ultimately.  Go get yourself some refreshing snacks, perhaps a beverage, and allow me to guide youRead more

Planting Seeds at the Art Gallery with Terry Hammond

About 3 years ago, I went to talk to Terry Hammond, ’81, Director and Curator of the Art Gallery in Hege-Cox Library, to talk about a possible work study opportunity. I remember noting at our first meeting how crammed her office was. Notebooks filled with frantic writing covered her desk, name plates were stacked one on top of the other, exhibition invitations from years passed filled the walls and a huge, over packed bookshelf covered the entire back portion ofRead more

Theatrical and Visual: Mutually Beneficial Arts

“There is magic in the theatre, And the theatre is magic. And blessed are they who can share their gifts.” I have no idea where that originally came from, but I picked it up in high school. My theatre teacher, a fabulous, wonderful, hilarious woman from South Africa, would have us cross our arms, right over left, hold hands while standing in a circle, and repeat each line after her. Sometimes we’d emulate her wonderful accent and cut up aRead more

Her Third Eye: Kiyoka Ikemura

Meet Kiyoka Ikemura, 22, a student photographer on exchange here at Guilford from Japan. When I met with her 2 weeks ago, she had blue hair but this time it was burgundy. Her camera was laying next to her within a moments reach. This is some immediate, visual information that I gathered about her at dinner the other night, without needing any verbal communication. During out conversation there were times where times where she would ask if I understood whatRead more

Adele Wayman Retirement Celebration

<> <><><> <><><><><> If you can remember a few months ago, I wove words together to make rhythm show. A poem was such a good way to display All the things my painting class learned that day.   Adele’s been at Guilford for four decades now, She’s impacted us all and I hope this says how. So as a tie in to that one, here which I’ve linked, A bittersweet wrap-up will do nicely, I think…   This past weekendRead more

First-Year Perspective on Guilford’s Art Requirement

Since Guilford College has been tweeting and sending out congratulations to all the incoming First-Years for fall 2014, I thought I might play up a bit of why the arts requirement is important to take and then share it with all these fresh, new faces via social media. The brick wall I hit was realizing this meant I would have to interview multiple current first-year students. Interviews are weird and awkward. I’ll be the first to admit it. So aRead more

Let’s Get Real: Photo II/III

Last Tuesday afternoon I decided to visit the photo studio, except on my way there I realized, “Wait…where exactly is it?”. That’s right, I’m a senior art student and I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know where to find the photo studio in Hege- Cox until last week. It’s a tough place to find and while seemingly hidden away in the basement of the building, this space is by no means discrete. Over the past week I hadRead more

Two Cents from the Soap Box

You may be familiar with the popular statement, “The Earth without art is just ‘Eh’.” It’s one of my favorite sayings.     A few things have influenced my decision to bring this topic back around for discussion: One, it’s almost constantly swimming around in my head. Two, going to the open discussion last Thursday in the gallery got the gears grinding even more than usual. Three, the phase of the project I’ve started in my theatrical design class  relatesRead more

Adele Wayman’s Retrospective – A Deeper Look

“Thinking back about your career for 40 years is rewarding and intimidating at the same time.” That’s the first thing that Adele Wayman, professor and artist extraordinaire, said to me when we started talking about her current exhibition in the Guilford Library gallery. This showing of her works represents her time as our mentor. When I spoke with Adele, we both agreed that this article should appeal more to Guilford art students instead of the general masses – that’s beingRead more