Planting Seeds at the Art Gallery with Terry Hammond

About 3 years ago, I went to talk to Terry Hammond, ’81, Director and Curator of the Art Gallery in Hege-Cox Library, to talk about a possible work study opportunity. I remember noting at our first meeting how crammed her office was. Notebooks filled with frantic writing covered her desk, name plates were stacked one on top of the other, exhibition invitations from years passed filled the walls and a huge, over packed bookshelf covered the entire back portion ofRead more

Lincoln Penn Hancock | Elliott University Center

Musician, designer and painter, Lincoln Hancock, exhibited his work at the Elliott University Center this past Friday. The artist, a 1998 Guilford graduate, creates large scale paintings that are covered in a range of pastel hues and includes outside materials such as vinyl letters, crayon, and magazine clippings. The spirited paintings deliver a message of movement, boldness and obviously music. Each piece seems to have a bit of musical influence, whether it be part of a cd, bolded letters orRead more

2012 Alumna: Jack Arthur Wood

Where are you working, where are you living, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? I am working at Everything But The House which is an estate sales auction house that is based in Cincinnati but has recently opened branches in Lexington, KY, and Connecticut. I work there part time and catalog a great deal of the art that comes through here. I write about everything from John Ruthven offset lithos, to Rembrandt reproduction prints. I am also the artist inRead more

Liz Saintsing, 2001 Guilford Alumna

How many of you remember playing outside when you were little? Remember how there was something about outside that was magical and inspired your imagination? Well Liz Saintsing still remembers and is still inspired by nature. 2001 Guilford Alumna, Liz Saintsing , is constantly inspired by her childhood memories of nature. She recalls how, as a child, she loved flowers.  One time her brother convinced her to jump out of a window into a field of flowers. Thankfully she wasRead more

Rob Cartelli, 2002 Guilford Alunmnus

2002 Guilford College Alumnus, Rob Cartelli has been working with ceramics in Vermont.  After Rob graduated from Guilford with a Political Science degree,  he has been working with ceramics in Vermont.  Rob’s work has been displayed in many craft shows as well as sold in stores: “The more you put your work out there the more exposure and response you get, it’s a bit of snowball effect albeit a slow one at times.” Rob has also worked as a ceramicsRead more

1985 Guilford Alumna, Laurie Meehan-Elmer

How many of you have a pet or know someone with a pet? The answer is likely everyone.  Pets can be a big part of people’s lives.  Often, people want pictures of their pets.  And that is where Laurie Meehan-Elmer comes in.  Laurie, a 1985 Guilford Alumna, does professional pet photography. Laurie’s work is recognized nationally by publishers, galleries and portrait clients and was most recently featured on Shutterbug Magazine Radio. Her work is considered to be “something more thanRead more

2007 Guilford Alumna, Kaitlyn Barlow

How many of you took Digital Darkroom this semester? If you didn’t, then you missed a great course and the chance to meet Kaitlyn Barlow, the teacher.  Regardless, you may not have known that Kaitlyn was once a Guilford College student herself. Kaitlyn graduated in 2007 with a BA in Fine Studio Arts and Computer Information Technology. Her father who is a 1980 graduate of Guilford introduced Kaitlyn to Guilford College.  Guilford has been one of Kaitlyn’s biggest influences inRead more

1995 Guilford Alumna, Molly Sawyer

Molly Sawyer, Guilford College Alumna of ’95, graduated with a studio art degree focusing in ceramics.  However, she has been doing much more than ceramics.  Molly is interested in “in taking part in a conversation that occurs when man-made forms are brought together with natural elements of the earth. ” She admits her first love to be clay and her second to be wax but Molly also says, “I’m fickle about materials.  My favorite is always the one I haven’tRead more

2011 Guilford Alumnus Gracelee Lawrence

Guilford Alumnus of 2011, Gracelee Lawrence has hit the art world running.  Just this year, Gracelee has had her art in many solo exhibitions, juried exhibitions and invitational and selected exhibitions.  She has also had her work in newspapers as well as given talks about her work.  Gracelee’s first solo show, hypertridimensional, was held in Raleigh NC. Gracelee tells how beautiful it was to “watch children running through it, peering through the twine and examining the shadows.” Gracelee is currentlyRead more

“The Tomorrow Forest Installation” by Aliene de Souza Howell

Guilford College Alumnus, Aliene de Souza Howell, has created a new installation called “The Tomorrow Forest Installation.” The installation takes up a whole wall with in a room with pillars: thus the illusion of a forest is created.  Each picture was carefully rendered and created.  Aliene spent many hours just mapping out where there was light and shadow.   In answer to the question, how long did you spend on each item, Aliene says, “I love the struggle and discovery ofRead more