Ceramics Snapshots

Will Dawson ’11 returned to help with the firing of the wood kiln this past Wednesday. Photo Credits Sammy Wandel. Charlie demonstrates to Giovanna, Sammy, and Summer, how to throw a bowl from eleven pounds of clay.Read more

Small Groups

After a bit of a messy weekend it is nice to reflect on how nice this past week has been. Sculpture II/III students took advantage of the beautiful weather and met outside to discuss plans for an upcoming assignment.Read more

Fun Facts!

Did you know the art department is housed in what used to be a residence hall? There are two bisque firing kilns in the ceramics studio, one of which sits in a shower stall. When the ceramics pieces are finished being bisque fired they will be glazed and fired again in one of the kilns outside. The four kilns outside were actually built by former ceramics majors!Read more


Last Saturday while the majority of campus was enjoying their first weekend back at school, a group of Sculpture 2-3 students were in Hege Cox doing an exercise called 11 objects/11 hours. Starting at 9:00am, participants had 11 hours to make small sculptures using the materials they chose to bring in. No phones, no Facebook, no email, just art for eleven hours. The assignment was meant to test limits, and that it did. The Sculpture III students were asked toRead more

Studio Shoes

Junior Jonathan Meade puts the finishing touches on his “studio shoes.” The storm soaked Jonathan’s shoes, so he visited the sculpture studio to make a new pair before heading upstairs to work on a collage for Roy’s Drawing two class.Read more

Monday Morning Snapshot

First year Hannah Litaker starts adding wash after carefully planning her drawing in pencil. Roy’s Drawing one class meets at 8:30 Monday and Wednesday mornings, but that early time does not stop Hannah from consistently producing high quality drawings. The finished product.Read more

Final Preparations

  Sophomore Emily Albert enlists the help of her friend Sara Bestmertnik to make the final touches on her musical sculpture. The tuning forks Emily made from steel rod each make a unique sound. Be sure to stop by the Founders Gallery and make a little music!Read more