Are You There Guilford? It’s Us, Hand Eye

△▽ First off, kudos to our new President Jane Fernandes. On August 26th an inauguration was held in her honor, as she was named Guilford’s 9th– and very first female president. She is also the first deaf woman to lead an American college or university. Following the ceremony, sticking to Guilford’s quaker roots set in simplicity and responsible stewardship, a club and talents fair engrossed the quad. As Jane rolled her sleeves up to plant a celebratory oak tree, I saw sculpture instructor, Mark Dixon‘sRead more

Graphic Design: Now in Production *a SECCA exhibit worth the drive to Winston*

Consisting of numerous works since 2000, the show documents the recent upswing of graphic design and its recognition in the past thirteen years as an increasingly versatile tool, and less as a specialized profession. More designers are becoming authors, publishers, instigators and entrepreneurs. People from other fields are expanding upon design techniques and processes to create and publish more visual media than ever before. Now, it’s sad but true…the first thing that comes to mind is marketing and advertisement. IRead more